L E S S O N S :   H A R P   &   P I A N O

With over 12 years of private teaching experience, Kristan is passionate about imparting the knowledge and mentorship she has received in her training to aspiring musicians. Along with her private studio teaching, Kristan is often invited to schools and other music studios to present masterclasses giving private and group lessons, as well as ensemble coachings. 

Kristan teaches both piano and harp to all ages, young and old, beginners and advanced. She focuses on the fundamentals of performance as well as catering to the student's own interests and needs.  Her method includes but is not limited to working primarily through the Royal Conservatory of Music training program. 


Beginning Age, Lesson Length & Instrument Choices

The best time to start lessons will be different for every child, but most will be ready to begin piano between age 5 to 7 (or even as young as 3), and begin harp between age 7 to 9.  Weekly lessons are recommended to see progress. Time length recommendation is 60 minutes, but depending on the age, 30 or 45 minute lessons are also an offered.


For harp students, it's recommended that beginners start on a small lever harp. Kristan can help you easily & affordably find the perfect instrument for you to purchase or rent! For piano students, it's recommend you purchase/rent a weighted keyed, touch-sensitive electric keyboard or acoustic piano.


In-Studio, In-House & Online Lessons

Kristan's teaching studio is located in Sudbury, and also teaches in-house private lessons for those wanting lessons in the comfort of their home.  Kristan also offers online lessons to anyone all over the world, using the wonderful technology of Zoom, which is a free and easy to use app. All the student would need is a device that has a camera and a working internet connection. Online lessons are just as effective as in-person lessons, but may not work best for young children. For those who are interested learning more about video lessons, please write Kristan for more information.

Primary Teachers & Resume

Principal Piano Teachers: Mariette Lavoie, Roger Lord

Princiapl Harp Teachers: Jennifer Swartz , June Han, Nancy Allen, Deborah Hoffman, Judy Loman, Elizabeth Hainen, Heidi Krutzen, Frédérique Cambreling.

Teaching Resume:

The Cambrian Academy of Music: private piano teacher 2019

Lippert Music Centre, Toronto: private piano teacher 2018

Bannockburn Montessori School, Toronto: private piano teacher 2016-2018

Harp Teacher: private studio and in-house teaching 2008-present

Piano Teacher: private studio and in-house teaching 2008-present

Invited Harp Teacher, Halifax: private lessons and group classes 2014, 2016

Invited Harp Teacher, Ottawa: private lessons and group classes 2016

Teaching Assistant: Yale University: private harp lessons to undergraduate Yale students 2011-12

Harp Demos for High School & University Classes: including Mount Allison, Yale & McGill Universities 2005-present


Kristan holds her Grade 9 RCM in Piano, and holds a B.Mus., M.M., and G.D.P.P. in Harp Performance from McGill & Yale Universities.


"I learned so much"

“​​Thank you so much for a wonderful year of musical study. The lessons were the highlight of my week and I learned so much. You were always so patient and encouraging, finding good things to say about my playing, calmly explaining concepts until I understood them. Your self-evident breadth of knowledge and love of music, teaching and the harp combined to create fantastic first year of harp studies. Thank you!

- Chaya

Ontario Music Festival Provincials, Harp 2019

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