Calligraphy, art & graphic design.


Custom designs –  $3 to $5 per design

Digital pre-made designs –  $2 per design (list coming soon)

Fully customized handmade note card designs, scanned at high quality, and delivered to your email for you to print. Made using high quality cold or hot press watercolour paper and a variety of high quality inks, watercolours, and gold/silver leaf and pens.

Card size:

Any size you need depending on your printer.

moo.com or vistaprint.com are my recommendations

Colour options: 

White paper 

Black or any colour ink/watercolour

Gold/silver leaf


Personalized with text of your choice




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Cards can all be the same design or mixed.

Prices may be higher for more intricate custom designs.

For larger orders, please contact me for a completion timeline.

Contact me for a custom quote, to place an order, or inquiry!

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